Wood has always been important to me and since I was a kid I’ve always worked with it.  Professionally, I have designed and built furniture, boats and just about anything I could imagine.  I’ve always loved riding fun bikes, but most of all I have been trying to find a way to design and build functional art that combines my skills and interests.

For years I found myself looking for something that I could build and satisfy my own creative urges: to create something beautiful – a piece of functional art that you can take out into the world *with* you.  Then it was like a lightning strike one day – Bang!  Wood bikes!

Working with wood, I could design and build my bicycles as rolling works of functional art.  Wood lets me create something beautiful with flowing lines and curves which creates a bicycle which is unmistakably wood and not like any other material.  It’s also strong and reasonably lightweight.  I’m able to design to close tolerances and execute them beautifully. However wood had a benefit I really hadn’t foreseen when I first got started.

Wood delivers a fabulous ride.  You haven’t ridden anything like it before. It’s supple, but strong and makes a delightfully smooth ride.

I have friends who work in construction and when you’re driving nails all day, your hammer becomes very familiar to you.  Wood handled hammers absorb much of the shock and small vibrations driving nails and are sought after by many professionals.  Similarly, the wood in my bicycle frames absorb little bumps and vibrations making a ride which is unmistakably different.  Unlike Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Steel or even Titanium, the wood just eats up the bumps and vibrations. Coupled with the big 29er wheels and fat tires, you get a ride which is buttery smooth and a joy to ride.