I have been a craftsman and artist since childhood.  Bow making began as a young child and with my martial arts background archery was a big part of my life.  My Native American roots have always kept me close to nature.  I have always felt a tight relationship with the forest and everything it has to offer.  When I decided to hunt to provide food for my quickly growing family, I wanted to do it as spiritually respectful as possible.  

Since I have been a woodworker and mechanically trained for many years, I decided to try my hand at bow making; now as an adult with the knowledge of wood and with nature at my disposal.  My first attempt was a success and I was hooked!  I felt an immediate connection with my roots and what I was meant to do.  I was so entranced with bow making, I made nearly 30 of them in the first month alone!  Using locally harvested river cane and bamboo, I made my own arrows and arrowheads from stone and steel.  I find it very rewarding to be able to use all that nature provides.