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Spoon & In Round Carvings

Mar 9, 2020 - Mar 13, 2020 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm



miriam carpenter

Spoon & Small In The Round Carving

This workshop aims to strip away intimidation and complication, making carving straightforward and enjoyable.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Students will also have the option to make Netsuke – Not familiar with Netsuke? Netsuke are small sculptural objects which gradually developed in Japan for more than three hundred years – they are delightful, thoughtful objects that entrance the maker and the viewer!

They are small versions of in the round carving and will help you learn how to design, carve and finish your own functional or small sculptural pieces using hand tools including gouges, sloyd knives, and luthier scrapers primarily.

We will guide through designs of your own while learning varied skills and techniques from design and layout to roughing, surface embellishment, and detailing.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a functional or sculptural objet d’art of their own design, beginning by sketching their ideas and then by refining within the provided material dimensional and structural limits.
  • Create templates using French curves and compasses to refine the form before transferring to their wooden blanks.
  • Rough-cut their designs using the bandsaw
  • Shape the form using a selection of carving gouges while refining the form using a variety of tools such as sloyd knives, hook knives, micro planes, rasps, files, and luthier scrapers.
  • Use embellishment techniques using a wood-burning kit, micro carver, fluid acrylics, and milk paint.

Tools Needed: Pending

  • Materials  Provided by the School


Tuition: $775
Studio & Materials Fee: $20

Registration Fee: $45 (One time)


11 available
Spoon & Netsuke March 9 2020 Tuition & Materials$795.00

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