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Beginning Woodworking | Kelly Parker

Aug 13, 2018 - Aug 17, 2018 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Table making classes, Learn to make a table, Interesting table designs


Instructor:  Kelly Parker

We are really lucky to have Kelly Parker teaching this class, there is no body better to learn from.

Her furniture is nationally recognized and she years of practical woodworking experience, plus she is an excellent teacher.

Here are a couple of  examples of Kelly’s work.

woodworking classes, Heart shaped table, table design class, table with inlay

Table making skills, Foundation woodworking skills

Foundation Woodworking Skills:   Beginning Woodwork

By the end of this class you will have designed, built and finished a table of your own!

In this great hands-on class, you will learn the complete process of woodworking from concept to finished product, plus. you will end up with your own hand made side table.

You learn how to use all of the woodworking machines and practice all the woodworking project process.  You will learn about:

  • Designing Furniture – This is really where the novice and the educated woodworker differ. How can you create something USEFUL without a plan? The Design part of this class will inform every project you do.
  • Milling Lumber – Milling is taking a rough piece of wood and turning it into the piece and parts of what you’re building This means making wood straight, square, flat and true.  We will teach you how to do this using power tools such as the Jointer, Planer, Chop Saw and Table Saw.

If you haven’t used any of these machines before, don’t worry! That’s why you’re taking the class to learn safe and proper use.  If you’ve been using them for a while, we will check your technique and suggest upgrades for safety and productivity.

  • Joinery – is just like it sounds – the process and techniques of putting  two pieces of wood together so your furniture wont fall apart and will last for years to come. Learn how to make three fundamental joints:
    • Rabbets
    • Mortise and Tenon
    • Miters

Almost every project you do will rely on one or more of these 3 joints.  You will also get to learn some great and highly creative methods for exposed-dowel joinery.

  • Construction –  Learn about the different kinds of glues used in woodworking, how to sand and what to sand with, how to clamp and different types of clamps (the YouTube video over on the right gives you a quick look)
  • Finishing – Run your hand across a beautiful piece of custom furniture and it even FEELS beautiful. Learn how to do THAT.

This is a jammed packed five days, and we’ll make sure you get to put all the theory that you’re learning into practice.


You will build a unique side table designed by nationally known furniture designer and maker Kelly Parker.  It is a beautiful piece and will make a statement in your home.

If we have time at the end, we will show you how to embellish you project with pyrography (wood burning), carved textures, inlay, application of color, etc., so that the table created is reflective of your personal aesthetic.


SAVE 15%  Learn burning, gilding, inlay, surface carving – Aug 18-19th


Tools Needed: Full list here.

Materials Poplar wood will be provided (Included in the cost of the class)

Syllabus: Beginning Woodworking Syllabus


Tuition: $750 per person
Studio & Materials Fee: $60

Registration Fee: $45 (One time)



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