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Box Making with Michael Cullen

Jan 21, 2019 - Jan 25, 2019 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

A wonderful opportunity to explore the art of box making in a very creative way.  This class is open to non woodworker as well as woodworkers of all skill levels who would like to break into new territory.

Open to all

What You Will Learn:
In this five day class taught by renowned furniture maker Michael Cullen , you’ll investigate different approaches and forms that a box can
become using both hand tools and machines.  This workshop is highly creative and will focus on exploring ideas in box making that fall outside
the typical six-sided container. Emphasis will be on shaping and sculpting boxes to create pleasing curves, unusual shapes and just about
anything that falls into the category of fun and zany.  A primary focus in the workshop will be on creating pattern and texture, and applying
color to the surfaces of the boxes.   Tools used but limited to include:  gouges and chisels, files and rasps and some machinery.  This class is
perfect for the beginner who is curious about making things from wood; and is also very good for the expert who is looking to create something
new and fresh.

What You Will Do:
You will design and build two to three small boxes. You will hone your skills by
constructing your designs with safe operation of power tools and handtools. You will practice different designs and construction for each box.  
You will investigate different approaches and forms that a box and vessel form can take on, using both hand tools and machines.
during class participants will use carving tools, chisels, files and rasps, and some machinery.
Be prepared to veer off the path into creative territory.

Tools Needed:
See Tool List.

Materials & Books Needed:
Materials List: Materials provided
You may bring your own wood, excluding any exotic (grown outside of the US), salvage, or high resin lumber (e.g. pine, cypress).
Required book: None

$750 per person
Studio & Materials Fee:
Non-Refundable Registration Fee:  
$45 if you are registering for the first time.

What’s Next:
We recommend Table Making, Joinery or Finishing as the next step in your woodworking and furniture making development. You may also
enjoy ancillary classes, such as Inlay & Engraving, that are open to all levels.


11 available
Special Woodwork Jan Week Box with Michael Cullen$750.00


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