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Classic Jewelry Box Making | Foundation & Beyond

September 17 - September 20 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Learn How to Make Jewelry Boxes

The Box Making course builds on your woodworking knowledge and serves as a precursor to larger projects, like cabinets or drawers. Come and learn how to build beautiful boxes in a variety of styles. Completion of Beginning Woodwork Foundation is encouraged.

Hands On Box Making Class

In this four-day class, you’ll learn and practice box making techniques: design, carcass construction, resawing lumber, box joints, bevel cuts, and setting hinges and hardware. You will also experiment with sliding, hinged and rabbeted lids, rabbeted and captured bottoms, 3 and 4 way  grain matching, and footed bases. If time allows, you’ll learn how to make bandsaw boxes.

 You will design and build two to three small boxes.  You will hone your skills by constructing your designs with safe operation of power tools. You will practice different design and construction for each box.The goal is to complete your pieces, aside from finishing. An oil wax finish is available. If time allows, we encourage students to complete a shellac finish.

[one_fifth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Tools Needed:
[/one_fifth]6” Combination square (Starrett recommended)
[one_fifth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]  [/one_fifth]See Full List.

[one_fifth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Materials & Books Needed:[/one_fifth]Materials List: You can select from the following lumber for your class: Poplar, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Sapele
[one_fifth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]  [/one_fifth]Optional book: Basic Box Making  by Doug Stowe.  Copies available at the School for use during the class.

[one_fifth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Syllabus: [/one_fifth]Box Making Syllabus

[one_fifth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Fees:
[/one_fifth] [one_fourth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Tuition: [/one_fourth]$650 per person
[one_fifth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]  [/one_fifth] [one_fourth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Studio & Materials Fee: [/one_fourth]$60
[one_fifth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]  [/one_fifth] [one_fourth padding=”0 10px 0 0″]One time Registration Fee:   [/one_fourth]$45



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