North End Wall Cabinet | Meredith Hart

North End Wall Cabinet with Meredith Hart A multidisciplinary class with fantastic results!  This hands-on North End Wall Cabinet class builds on your woodworking and power tool knowledge and is an excellent step into more advanced case making projects.  In this jammed-packed five-day class, you'll learn and practice multiple case-making techniques thatContinue Reading

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Hanging Woodworker’s Tool Cabinet

Please Note:   The class is still in development and this registration page will be refined and new photos added over time. ______ Handtools are precious tools of our trade, and it's important to have a place to get them organized and safe. Based on tool cabinets originating around the turnContinue Reading

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Mid-Century Whiskey Cart | Phil Morley

Mid-Century Whiskey Cart with Philip Morley In this seven-day class, build your skills and furnish your home with a clean and contemporary Morley Whiskey Cart. Inspired by the works of James Krenov with a Scandinavian influence and a "Mad Men" flair, Philip designed this cart as a stand-alone piece toContinue Reading

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Tansu Wall Cabinet | Mike Pekovich

Tansu Wall Cabinet with Mike Pekovich Make a beautiful wall cabinet in this six-day class Dovetails and through-tenons provide plenty of strength and offer visual interest, and Mike has some great tips for cutting accurate, stress-free joinery. The frame-and-panel door gives the cabinet its personality and offers some solid cabinet-making lessons. You’llContinue Reading

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