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Furniture Maker Intensive Course – Autumn

September 30 - November 1 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Furniture Maker Intensive Course

A six-week furniture building course will immerse you in the world of woodworking, teaching you all of the vital skills required to create your own furniture projects.

Learn from the expertise of our renowned furniture making tutors including Michael Fortune and Matt Kenney.  You also have all of the specialist equipment available in our workshop. You study topics such as basic carpentry to designing and making a box and thorough initiation into fine furniture making such as tables and case work.  This intensive takes you from from square one to making three to four pieces over  the period of six weeks.

Six weeks in a workshop like this, working long hours, absorbing information like a sponge can take you a very, very long way. You will have gone through all of our hand tool teaching projects, you will have learnt how to handle machines and power tools in a safe and efficient manner.  The combination of good hand tools, your developing knowledge of how to use them come together in an apprenticeship with Michael Fortune and Kelly Parker.

The psychological effect of making a piece that all your other work comes from is powerful. Don’t ever again put up with a someone else designs or plans or premade parts again, make your own piece whilst you can, everyone who has done this in this workshop,  will tell you of the benefit of doing so.

You’ll leave capable of making most pieces of furniture – as well as understanding some more advanced techniques such veneered, and curved pieces.

The week by week format for this course is as follows:

Week 1 – Beginning Turning – learn how to use a lathe and make furniture parts

Week 2  – Beginning Woodwork – learn the process and how to use all of the tools associated with woodworking.

Week 3 – Focus on building hand tool and joinery skills

Week 4 – Study with Matt Kenney Processes of Box Making

Week 5 – Chair Making with Michael Fortune

Week 6 – Surface Carving & Embellishment with Graeme Priddle & Mellisa Engler

The Fall Intensive also includes the following weekend classes.  There is no additional cost for attending these and students should ensure they build in some downtime into their schedules.  Please indicate which of these you plan on attending during the intensive.

  • Classical carving with Alex Grabovetskiy (Oct 5th – 6th)
  • Kumiko study with Matt Kenney (Oct 26th & 27th)
  • Tuning your Bandsaw with Michael Fortune (Nov 2nd)
  • Furniture Finishing with Diane Shattuck (Nov 9th – 10th)



TUITION:  The cost of the course is $4400 and does not include materials.  Intensive students may purchase their materials at 20% discount from regular students at the time to class.  Anticipate another $200 – 400 in materials fees

OPTIONAL:  This course may be purchased on an installment plan.  If you are interested in this please call us at 813 223 3490

TOOLS:  Some basic tools are useful to bring with you as they will become an intrinsic part of your woodworking as you move forward.  We will discuss these with you on a one on one basis.


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