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Kumiko with Matt Kenney

September 21 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Kumiko is the traditional Japanese art of wooden latticework and Matt is a master of the art.

During this masterclass participants will learn the techniques at the heart of Kumiko by making a Kumiko panel and a set of jigs for cutting joinery on infill pieces to takeaway so they will be able to make their own panels at home. The techniques learned may be applied to a wide range of designs. Join Matt for this special woodworking opportunity.

The Art of Kumiko

The core purpose of this class is to show the students accurate, efficient, and repeatable techniques for fabricating Kumiko panels. They’ll learn how to make both a square and a diamond frame, as well as how to size and cut joinery for the infill pattern pieces. It’s a great foundation for learning other patterns and styles of Kumiko. Matt’s approach to Kumiko takes the mystery out of the process, and opens the art of Kumiko to woodworkers of all skill levels.

The group will also discuss the theory behind designing a frame and how the infill pieces go together. There will be some discussion and demonstration of how to cut the frame parts with a tablesaw. This will include an explanation of how to ensure that the frame ends up with accurate squares or diamonds, so that fitting infill pieces is a matter of making numerous identical parts rather than having to fit one piece at a time – even with each piece being slightly different from the others. The group will also discuss paring technique so that the joinery cut for infill pieces is clean and accurate.

This course is perfect for anyone wishing to understand Kumiko techniques, and add this highly decorative craft to their repertoire. It is suitable for beginners through to professional woodworker – only 14 places available so book your place today.

All materials, meals and equipment are provided.

The days starts at 9.00am sharp and concludes at 5.00pm on Sunday.

Students to wear sturdy clothing, covered shoes and bring their own personal eye and hearing protection equipment. Please arrive 30 minutes early.

Tuition: $200 per person
First Time Registration Fee: $45

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12 available
Speciality Kumiko Sept Sat Kenney$200.00


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