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Learn How to Make a Cabinet

Nov 17, 2018 - Nov 23, 2018 | 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Learn How to Make A Cabinet

Cabinet Making is a project-based course that will build your technical furniture making skills as well as your design competencies. It is ideal for extending woodworking knowledge established in earlier courses. Some prior experience and introductory courses required.

This is for intermediate – advanced woodworkers.  You will need to know how to mill lumber, make joints such as mortise and tenon, box joints etc.

Anticipate making a cabinet that is size of a small nightstand.  This scale will give you plenty of time to work through all aspects of the build.   If your project is overly large it will hinder that process.  A simple cabinet plan will be provided, but if you have your own design in mind plan on talking and working with Kate via email and/or phone prior to the start of class

Although students will work independently, there will be plenty of  learning opportunities as we highlight key learnings and unique approaches in each student’s project.

The class will feature numerous demos as well as plenty of time for project work.  At the end of the class students will have full-sized drawing, fabrication should be well underway if not completed.  You should aim not to complete the project, but to drill down and solve all of the design challenges associated with it,  you should anticipate having the majority of parts and portions of assembly done.

Come with the goal in mind that this will be your most difficult project to date and that you will pick the instructor’s brains clean and glean information from the other student projects so that you can build your own project with confidence, a clean plan of approach and technical skills in place.

Plan on receiving constructive input and advice as well as collaboratively supporting your fellow students.


Skills and Techniques for Cabinet Making

You’ll hone skills in sequencing, construction, joinery, installation, and safe tool operation and you will learn and practice:

  • face frame,
  • shelf,
  • drawer
  • door construction
  • joinery,
  • hardware selection and installation

You can either design your own cabinet or work with a pre-designed piece. You can decide to include a door, drawer, or both.   If you are going to design your own piece, it is important that the bulk of the design process be completed prior to the start of the class.

You’ll hone skills in sequencing, construction, joinery, installation, and safe tool operation.

Tools Needed:See Full List.

Materials & Books Needed: Your material fee includes your choice of the following lumber: Poplar, Maple, Sapele.  If you have other material requirements please contact the School.

You may bring your own wood, excluding any exotic (grown outside of the US), salvage, or high resin lumber (e.g. pine, cypress).

Syllabus: Cabinet Making Syllabus

Fees:Tuition:  $950 per person
Studio & Materials Fee: $150

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $45 that will be added to your order. This fee applies only to your first class.

thanksgivingThe November class takes place over the week of Thanksgiving.

Don’t worry – we’ll take Thursday off and if you’re coming from out of town know that you have an invite to Thanksgiving with Kate.



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