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Learn How To Finish Furniture

October 15 - October 19 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

This hands-on workshop class builds a foundation in furniture finishing techniques. Ideal for anyone who works with wood.

Open to All

What You Will Learn:
Through a series of lectures and hands-on demos, you will learn how to finish furniture and practice finishing techniques.  This will include the

      • how to select a finish based on aesthetic and function
      • how to prepare wood to receive a finish
      • changing the texture of the wood with fillers
      • mortise and tenons – hanging the color of the wood with dyes, stains, and toners
      • applying clear coat finishes including brush on, wipe on, spray on finishes
      • how to repair application defects
  • how to maintain a finish


What You Will Do:
You will practice applying finishing systems to sample boards and any small projects you bring. You’ll work with oil, wax, shellac,
polyurethane,varnish, and lacquer. After the coatings, you will adjust sheen using rub out techniques.

Tools Needed:
See Full List.

Materials & Books Needed:
Materials Needed: Optional small project for practice

Required books: Finishing  by Bob Flexnor

Finishing Syllabus

$750 per person
Studio & Materials Fee: 
A one time non-refundable registration Fee: 
$45 (for first time students only)

What’s Next:
Newly equipped with finishing skills, you can finish any future project. Register for a project-based class, like Table Making or Box Making.


3 available
Learn to Finish Furniture$750.00


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