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Horse Bow Building & Archery

Oct 26, 2020 - Oct 30, 2020 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm



 Composite Bow Making

Learn the unique art of making one of the most ancient bow designs – the composite bow. You will learn from Dave Mead, a master bowyer, who has spent years perfecting the performance of this bow and arrow combo. Capable of shooting fast and flat over great ranges similar to the modern gear of today, it will bring more to the table than the archer is prepared for. This bow covers all archery needs. Zen, 3d target, hunting/defense. You leave with tools and understanding on how to use them to forge your spirit.

Make A Recurve Bow

Experience the unique process of bringing raw materials together and making them work in harmony.

Create your own bamboo-composite bow (recurve or horse bow) using raw materials and hand tools. There is nothing out there to compare to this compact primitive bow. You will make your bow to perform at its peak for your draw length. Each bow is unique, and each person is unique. We will ensure that your bow will become an extension of you. You will learn about:

  • Handcrafting parts into a fully working bow
  • Making arrows with ancient style nocks
  • Glues and binding materials
  • Shaping and tillering
  • Use and care of your bow
  • Historical understanding of the role of the bow & arrow
  • Practice instinctive archery

This is a fast-paced but fluid class, Dave shares his craft with the zen reverence that will give you a life long love of bowery.

Tools Needed: None needed 

Materials & Books Needed: Provided


Tuition: $775 per person
Studio & Materials Fee: $95
One time registration Fee: $45


12 available
Bow Making Oct 26 2020 Tuition & Materials$870.00

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