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Make a Chisel Storage Box with Marquetry Lid

August 24 - August 25 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Meet Your Instructor

 Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson

Make a Chisel Storage Box Plus Marquetry

Weekend Class – Open to All

Build your skills and store your tools!  Chisels present a special challenge, their sharp edges can inflict damage as well as suffer it, so if your chisels are rattling around in a drawer, or still in flimsy original packaging, consider making a box to protect and organize them for easy retrieval.

This compact class consists two weekends in a row (Aug 24th – 25th AND Aug 31st-Sept 1st) that will help you to grow your hand tool and machine skills as well as creating a practical storage box for your chisels that will last you a lifetime.  You will also get to learn how to inlay the box lid with a compass rose design.

Marquetery is the process of making pictures from small pieces of veneer and insetting them into a larger, thicker piece of material such as a box lid, cabinet door, or table top. Marquetry has been used for centuries to add decorative details to many types of furniture and even used as a dedicated media for purely artistic works.  You’ll often find marquetry and particularly the compass rose in Federal style furniture.

The compass rose is an iconic design with 8 points it has a striking geometric design that looks complex but it is a very straightforward pattern to make that is a great starting project as the alternating dark/light pattern helps hide minor flaws.   You will need some basic tools and we will teach you to do each step is an easy paced class.

You’ll learn and practice box making techniques that include:

  • Box design considerations
  • Carcass construction using resawn lumber
  • Mitres & splined mitre joints
  • Setting hinges and hardware.
  • Marquetry
    • How to design and draw a compass rose to use as a blueprint.
    • How to cut veneer inlay
    • How to make the matching cavity in a solid piece of wood using both hand and power tools

The goal is to complete your pieces, aside from finishing. An oil wax finish is available.

Meet Your Instructor:  Andrew Gibson

Tools Needed: 6” Engineer’s square (Starrett recommended)
See Full List.

Materials:  Provided

Optional book: Basic Box Making  by Doug Stowe

Tuition:  $490
Studio & Materials Fee: $30
Non-Refundable Registration Fee:  $45 if this is your first time registering

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