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Joinery & Handtools – Weekend

Feb 1, 2020 - Feb 2, 2020 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Andrew Gibson

Precision Joinery

Weekend Workshop

Come and spend a weekend learning how to cut the most precision joints with care and craft. 

Do you want to hone your hand tool joinery skills and improve  your overall woodworking and furniture making?

Everything you will need is here in the workshop along with a really knowledgeable, patient instructor who will show you step by step how to accomplish beautiful work.  Feel free to bring your own tools.  You’ll have your own custom woodworking bench by Benchcrafted to work from, along with a curated tool kit for the perfect tools for the class.

Learn How to Use Handtools

Mastering the mechanics of using handtools will make your joinery go more smoothly, so not only you will spend time understanding what sharp means, precision layout, selecting the right tool for the job and the sequence of cutting, but learning how to place, and move each tool with the correct ergonomics.  You will learn to layout and cut several joints – lap, mitres, mortise & tenon, dovetails and control and consistancy.

Some of key learning points you’ll cover include:

  • Understanding sharpening
  • Laying out joinery
  • Using a shooting board & hand plane
  • Cutting dovetails, Mortise & Tennon
  • How to use chisels, combination squares and marking gauges

Tools/Materials You Need To Bring: None

Materials:  Provided 


Tuition: $460 per person
Studio & Materials Fee:  Included in cost of class

One time registration Fee: $45


10 available
Handtool & Joinery Feb 1 2020 Tuition and Materials$460.00

Become a Better Woodworker!

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