Intro to Windsor Chairs | A. Golann

MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR Windsor Chairs - An Intro to Chair Making Aspen Golann Take your first step into chair making with Aspen Golann!   This classic and elegant design will fit into a wide variety of decorating styles, it is also an excellent woodworking skill builder. You’ll walk away with aContinue Reading


Japanese Hand Plane

MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR TUNING YOUR JAPANESE HANDPLANE 日本の木工 Andrew Hunter What seems like a simple tool, a blade and a block of wood, the Japanese plane (Kanna) is actually a very complex instrument with many subtle qualities.\The first challenge most westerners face when learning to use one is that theyContinue Reading


Japanese Handtools & Joinery 日本の木工

MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR INTRODUCTION TO JAPANESE CARPENTRY 日本の木工 Andrew Hunter   The Way of Japanese Carpentry embodies more than just the technical aspects of woodworking.  It is a way of being led by presence of mind.  It is finding elegance in both the simple and complex.  If you look, beautyContinue Reading


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