Furniture Maker Certificate Program

Custom furniture makers design and build a wide variety of furnishings.  This work requires a thorough knowledge of the furniture making process including proficiency with design, hand and power tools, functional engineering, materials, finishing and a c

apacity to problem solve.  In this extended program students learn through a series of classes how to:

  • Design and construct multiple different types of furniture
  • Estimate costs and select materials
  • Prepare working drawings
  • Mill lumber to specifications
  • Layout and cut woodworking joints by hand and machine
  • Operate stationary power equipment safely
  • Service and maintain all hand and power tools
  • Construct furniture using appropriate glues and clamping strategies
  • Finishing processes – sanding, filling, staining, finishing, polishing
  • Select and install furniture hardware
  • Use furniture ornamentation techniques such as inlay, carving, bending and veneering
  • Select and install dust collection systems
  • Determine appropriate shop layout
  • Understand the economics of furniture making

At the beginning of the program, students complete a series of exercises and projects including drafting assignments, benchwork work, basic machine  operation and fundamental hand skills using planes, chisels.  The first significant project is the construction of a side table based on approved drawings that satisfies certain design and and learning requirements.

Students then design and construct at least: one additional table,  a series of  boxes, a bookcase, a chair, two pieces of case work (one multi drawered), and a sculptural piece.   These pieces are typically based on unique furniture designs created by the student in collabo

ration with the instructor.  Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to learn new techniques and skills in each project they execute.

At the end of the course, the student is expected to present a body of work and clarity of knowledge developed over their time at the School.  We expect students to graduate with confidence and the necessary skills to design and build fine furniture of their own, and to be qualified for employment by other fine furniture makers.

Who is the Program For & How to Apply?

The prospective student for this program are individuals who find the physical, mental and emotional challenge of designing and building furniture rewarding.  It is intended for those who want to become a professional furniture maker or individuals of any age who are exploring woodworking as a more fulfilling second career or those who wish to learn more about furniture making as a life enhancing avocation.

If you are considering this program we would encourage.

you to determine if the school is the right fit for you.  You can do this by scheduling a time to visit, or Skype/Facetime, we want you to ask questions, tell us about yourself and learn more about the School and the admission process.  We also welcome calls or emails ( ).

To apply please submit the following:

  1. A letter/email explaining your interest in furniture making and your goals
  2. Any images you have of current work or other art work you have previously done
  3. Names and telephone numbers of three character references such as teachers, employers and business associates
  4. Your resume

Tuition Costs & Enrollment

This program is open to all skill levels.

Enrollment is limited to two intakes per year – February and September.   There are a maximum of four students at any one time in the program.  The program is six months in length and is divided into 3 eight week semesters.

Tuition $19,500 (does not include materials, additional tool purchases, books).  Tuition is due three installment of $6500 at the start of each “semester” period.


The School of Woodwork will provide a pro rata refund for tuition for any student who chooses to withdraw from the course prior to the end date minus the $2500 non refundable deposit.

Withdrawal for the course must be received in written form – email is not accepted.

Standards of Progress

Each class is a pass/fail.  Students are continually evaluated and provided with feedback by the instructors.  While all efforts are made by our staff to ensure the students success, we reserve the right to dismiss students who are not meeting the minimum standards for participation and safety.  Students who are dismissed may not reapply for the program.


The Florida School of Woodwork is not an accedited institution.




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