Introduction to Inlay Syllabus

Day 1

  • Overview of the week
  • History of Inlay
  • Tools required
  • Materials used for inlay
  • Safety procedures
  • Creating your art for an inlay
  • Color selection for greater impact

Day 2

  • Making your “Bird’s Beak”
  • Making a scribe
  • Setting up your workstation
  • Preparing materials for inlay
  • Shading wood inlays
  • Learning proper sawing and filing techniques

Day 3

  • Sawing and filing the letter for your keychain
  • Prepping the substrate to become a keychain
  • Inlaying the letter into the keychain
  • Final assembly of the keychain

Day 4

  • Setting up the hummingbird inlay
  • Setting up your staging board
  • Sawing & filing pieces for your inlay
  • Inlay assembly
  • Inlay into substrate

Day 5

  • Final sanding of inlay
  • Learning how to etch an inlay
  • Filling the etched hummingbird
  • Finalizing the inlay


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