ATC Tool List (the ones you need to build it – not all the stuff you’d want to put in it…) What is available at the School
Smoothing plane HNT Gordan Smoothing plan each student bench
Jack plane (Optional…will only use if you don’t want me to run bevels on the table saw) Multiple available
Marking or cutting gauge Available at each student bench
Marking knife Available at each student bench
.5 mechanical pencil (.5 – seriously)
Dividers (2 pair if you’ve got ‘em)
12” combo square 6″ Available at each student bench
Dovetail marking gauge or sliding bevel Available at each student bench
Dovetail saw Available at each student bench – Lee Valley
Chisels ½” and 3/8” Available at each student bench – Narex
Mallet Available at each student bench
Rabbeting plane, moving fillister or a large shoulder plane (optional) 3 available
Hammer Multiple available
Coping saw with extra blades (I recommend Pegas blades)
Flush-cut saw 4 available
Ear plugs (it gets pretty loud all the dovetail chopping!) Available at each student bench
Drill (either battery-powered or eggbeater) 6 available
Assortment of bits (sizes needed will depend on nail choices – nothing larger than 3/16”, certainly!) Multiple available
And any other tools you just can’t bear to be without. For me, that includes my waterstones and honing guide, a 6” adjustable square, a double square (a.k.a. diemaker’s square or machinist’s square), a block plane and multiple pencils.


Hardware Needed 


There are several different kinds of hinges you can select from:

Strap Style

9-1/2” x 3-1/2”  – these come as singles, so need to order two (also, these do not come with screws…so get #8 5/8” slots) $12.20 each as of Nov 2021

The Whitechapel strap hinges are a lot pricier than the LV ones, but they are cool.


Butt Hinges

I like the PB-409 (2-1/2” butt hinge) from Horton Brasses (need only one set/which is two hinges)

About $30 – price will vary by finish; ask for slot screws



$20.50 per pair. If using these to lift a full chest, get 1-1/4” bolts and nuts, instead of using the supplied hinges

Fancy Hardware package, hand forged, includes everything. Pricey but fabulous

$491 as of Nov 2021 for the whole kit, though pieces can be bought separately