No tools are specifically required however the cabinet size and basic layout is built around the Florida School of Woodwork recommended Tool List.


This kit of tools is available for use in class at each student bench. If you plan on working on the internal design of your cabinet in class be sure to bring the tools you plan to store. The cabinet’s exterior dimensions are 18” wide, 26” tall, and 9” deep. Main internal compartment measures 16” wide, 19” tall, and 7” deep.

Tool List.
-Dovetail saw (rip) or Japanese style equivalent
-Tenon saw (x-cut) or Japanese style equivalent
-Coping/fret saw
-5 pc chisel set
-#4 & #5 hand planes
-Low angle block plane
-Router plane
-Shoulder plane
-Wheel marking gauge
-Mortising gauge
-6” &12” combo squares
-Bevel gauge
-Saddle square
-Spoke shave
-Card scraper
-Burnisher & file
-Bench mallet
-Rulers 6’, 12’
-Marking knife
-Tape measure
-Setup blocks