Refund and Cancellation Policy

  1. To be eligible for any refund, you must send a dated written request. All refunds based on the date of receipt.
  2. Telephone cancellations are not accepted for refunds you must send and email or letter.
  3. 2-Day and 5-Day Classes
    • Automatic $50 cancellation fee per class for any cancelled registration, regardless of the date of withdrawal.
    • If you withdraw from a workshop more than 30 days in advance, the school will refund the deposit on the class, less the $50 cancellation fee.
    • If you withdraw from a workshop less than 30 days in advance, there will be no refund or transferring of the money to another class on all paid money for any reason (include illness and family emergencies).
  4. If you cancel any class and are eligible for a refund, the available refundable money can be applied to another class in the same year (less the $50 cancellation fee). You cannot transfer money to another class in the next year’s schedule.
  5. Refundable money will be sent back before the end of the school year.
  6. The Florida School of Woodwork reserves the right to withdraw any student from a class if he or she has not paid in full before the start of class.
  7. If for any reason the School must cancel a workshop, all money will be refunded, including the $45 registration fee.