The Intensives are blocks of classes that take place over a two, three or four week period.  They enable you to really immerse yourself and focus on rapid woodworking skill acquisition.  Some of the intensive are arrange to have a few days, sometimes a week of non instruction time, allowing you to work independently while still under supervision, we have found that for some students “doing it by themselves” helps to cement the knowledge they have been covering during the class and at the same time highlights areas they want to go back and work on with the instructor.  During the intensives you will have your own bench for the duration and additional time with the experienced shop assistants.


The intensives for 2018 are:

  • Beginners Intensives:  Jumpstart your furniture making.  This intensive takes from from square one to making multiple pieces of the period of four weeks.  You’ll be make tables, boxes, bookcases using both hand tools and power tools.  You’ll leave capable of making most pieces of furniture – obviously not the really advanced stuff like veneered, curved, or complex pieces.  Students who take this intensive are supported by FaceTime and on line exchange over the following six months after their intensive.



Beginners/Intermediate Intensive Level 2 May 2018 3 weeks (Foundation, Table Making, Cabinet Making)

  • Intermediate Level 1 (Cabinet work 1, Making Curved Work) TBD
  • Intermediate Level 2 (Cabinet work 2) TBD

We are currently building out the dates for all of the intensives. Call us if you have a question. 813 223 3490

All intensives may be paid for using the Installment Payment Plan which divides the cost over 4 months.  All fees must be paid 30 days prior to the start of class.


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