Michael Pekovich

Mike has studied furniture making, fine art, and graphic design, and he’s been putting those skills to use designing and building furniture for over 30 years. For the last 20 of those, he’s also been busy as the art director at Fine Woodworking magazine and most recently as the author of The Why and How of Woodworking, where his aim is to communicate woodworking how-to in a clear and inspiring way.

His work has appeared on the cover of Fine Woodworking numerous times, and he has written several articles and appeared in several video-project series for the magazine.

In Mike’s workshops, he stresses fundamental woodworking skills and techniques, from sharpening to layout to cutting joinery, which you just have to know in order to do good work.  By understanding the big picture of how a piece comes together, from wood selection to milling to joinery to finishing, students come away from his workshops with the knowledge and confidence to tackle projects in their own shop and have more fun doing it

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