Waterstones & Jig Package

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All handplanes and chisels need to be sharpened over time and this set of wet stones and jigs and in order to get the most out of the time you spend sharpening, you need quality tools that work fast, produce repeatable results, are easy to maintain and most importantly, get your tools razor sharp.

Abrasives waterstones are some of the fastest cutting and longest wearing waterstones on the market.

We have put together a package of stones and honing guides that form a perfect kit for sharpening.

This kit is also used during the Sharpening Station, Shooting Board and Bench Hook class.

The kit is a combination of Norton, Pride and King wetstones – all good quality stones that together will form the basis for your sharpening station.  The kit includes:

  • King Wetstones – 250/1000 combination
  • Norton Wetstones 4000 /8000 grit combination
  • Pride Wetstones 6000/10,000 combination
  • Pride Flattening Stone
  • Lee Valley Honing Jig

This kit is only avaialble from the Florida School of Woodwork location – it can not be shipped.