COVID 19 Health and Saftey Protocols

There are many new ways of working together in our new COVID reality and we have adopted and integrated the best practices to get you safe but also allow for an enjoyable experience.

We have a multi-faceted approach – SPF – Spaces, Protection and Faces,


Each bench also has its own dedicated set of hand tools.  We also have spread our benches out into “hubs” and each hub has a dedicated set of tools that are not shared across groups.  During group time such as demonstrations and lunchtimes, there is plenty of room to spread out and maintain social distance.  We have multiple locations for relaxation and take a break such as a courtyard and a breakroom, but students can also eat lunch at their benches if they choose to do so.


We require all students, staff, and instructors to be vaccinated.


Students to wear masks while in group sessions.  Each instructor will advise on weather or not masks are required at benches.