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Skill Levels

The Florida School of Woodwork welcomes students of all levels of experience – from absolute beginners to accomplished professionals.

Many of our classes will include a range of skill levels, but some require prior experience.  Our advanced workshops may entail prerequisites or a portfolio submission.  The specifics are listed in each class description.

Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the classes best suited to your abilities.  The levels indicate the technical knowledge and experience needed for effective participation.  Please reference this list before registering.

Open to all

Students of any skill and knowledge level.

Level I

Students have basic furniture design and woodworking knowledge. They are familiar with design, build process, safe power tool use, and some joinery.

Level II

Students are familiar with principles of design, milling, joinery, and finishing. They have experience working with hand tools and stationary power tools. For example, they should be able to mill lumber using the jointer, planer, chop saw and table saw. Plus, students must be able to make an accurate mortise and tenon joint, and explain the process of finish selection, preparation, and application. Students will have completed two to three basic projects, such as a small table or box. Can work independently with supervision.

Level III

Students have training in design and experience with various materials and fabrication processes. They know how to use machine and hand tools independently, competently, and safely. Students have completed numerous projects. They have competency in multiple joints and construction methods. This includes frame & panel doors, re-sawing lumber, hinge selection and setting, making and using router templates for curved and multiples.  Clear evolution of design aesthetic and ability to think holistically about projects.

Level IV

Students have advanced skills and knowledge of furniture design. They are highly motivated and have multiple portfolios of their artwork.


Multi-week programs designed for artists of varying skill levels. Students immerse themselves in the studio practice of their choice while working alongside established faculty.