Amana Bench Tool List

An important note on tools: When you arrive, all your tools must be sharp and ready to go. There won’t be time to restore vintage tools or set up new tools in this class (there are other great classes for those activities). I am quite serious about this point. If you don’t show up with sharp tools, you are letting me and your fellow students down.

Text in BOLD shows what the School has if you would prefer to use ours.

12”  combo sq (at each student bench)

6” combo square (at each student bench)

Bevel gauges (at each student bench)

Smoothing plane (several at School)

Hammer (at each student bench)

Jack plane set up for smoothing (not a cambered iron) or your jointer plane. (HNT Gordan at each bench)

Block plane. (several at School)

Shoulder plane (wider the better) ( a few at School)

Marking knife (at each student bench)

Pencils .5mm mechanical

Spare plane iron, block plane size

Marking gauge (at each student bench)

Awl (several at School)

Crosscut backsaw

1 in bench chisel

Spare change (seriously, bring a handful of coins)

5/16″ mortising chisel

1-1/4″ long chisel for paring if you have one. Your 1″ bench chisel will likely work too.

Rabbeting block plane if you have one (several at School)

Mortising gauge (marking gauge works too) (at each student bench)

Big mallet for driving chisels