Please bring the following tools and supplies to your workshop:

• Sketchbook and pencils

• Comfortable pair of safety glasses

• Dust mask or respirator

• Laptop

• Engineers Protractor (metal type, General, Epic Tools, Lee Valley)

• Tools that you own that you will be unhappy without.

• Any materials that you may want to incorporate into your project.

• Any materials that you may want to use to pack up your project to take home. Some examples might be moving blankets, packing tape, bubble wrap or boxes.


Optional additional tools and materials:

● The School is equipped with safety glasses, hearing protectors. But if you own your own you may wish to bring them.

Dust masks and earplugs are also provided should you forget your own.

● Reusable water bottle

● Flashlight

● Sketch book for ideas

● Digital camera to document your experience