Tool List

An important note on tools: When you arrive, please have all your tools sharp and ready to go. There won’t be time to restore vintage tools or set up new tools in this class (there are other great classes for those activities). I am (unfortunately) serious about this point. If you don’t show up with sharp tools, you are letting me and your fellow students down.

2 wire clothes hangers

Needlenose pliers (make sure yours have the wire cutters at the base of the jaws)

Block plane or smoothing plane

Coping saw

Spokeshave (flat sole)

Mechanical pencils (.9mm or .7mm lead)

Combination square (6” or 12”)


Cordless drill/driver

5/8” spade bit. You need the 5/8” extra-long length. Available from any decent hardware store

1” WoodOwl bit. Or a StarM 24mm Extra Clean Auger Bit (you don’t need both)

Flush-cutting saw (I’ve never encountered a great one; this one is pretty good)

Small sliding bevel (Lee Valley 3” sliding bevel or any of the Vesper 4” sliding bevels)

Plastic protractor (Yup, one of the inexpensive ones from the grocery)

Tape measure (a small one, such as 12’, is fine) 

Any crosscut saw – a carcase saw, a small panel saw or dozuki

Mallet (heavier is better for chairmaking). I like 2-1/2” lbs. but any good mallet will do.

Plus bring any small tools that you simply cannot be without. I would be lost without my Tite-Mark, 6” combination square and block plane. Even at a wedding.


The School has the following tools available to each student:

  • Cross cut saw
  • Dozuki
  • Tape measure
  • 6″ Shinwa Sliding Bevel
  • Cordless Drills
  • 6″ Combination Squares
  • Veritas Spokeshaves
  • Block planes
  • Flush cutting saws