Tools & Materials List

Please bring the following materials with you.  You may also ship them in advance to the School.  Please see the shipping address at the bottom of this page.

Any questions about the materials and tools please email Peggy Schmid at [email protected]

Tools You Need to Bring

  • Sorby Threading tools.   16 tip or 20 tip.  – Available on EBay and possibly Woodcraft.
  • Round nose scraper
  • Skew
  • Detail gouge
  • A thin parting tool
  • A small pasta machine which can be purchased at most hobby stores.   Hobby Lobby and Michaels both carry these and the discount coupons will make it affordable.  The school will have one of these but it will be a shared resource.
  • A roller like a dough rolling pin.  (A plexiglass rod.)
  • Sculpy mat or  a plexiglass sheet
  • A sealable container to keep the clay fresh. (Tupperware) (we will have them at the School but it is a shared resource and can not go home with you if you have clay left over)
  • Metal ruler
  • Thin cutter knives designed for Sculpy clay, sometimes called skin knives. Basic set.
  • A face shield (the School has these but bring your own if you are more comfortable with it) and dust mask.


Materials You Need to Bring

  • An assortment of standard Sculpy clay in colors of your choice – be sure that you get polymer resin clay and not modeling clay.  Approximately 10 packs, plus some extra black and white as these get used a lot.
  • A bottle of the additive to help keep the clay fresh and soft.



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