A Student’s Story: Apprenticeship Class – Michael Fortune & Kelly Parker

A Student Story - Decorative Table by Bob Vergette Apprenticeship Class with Michael Fortune & Kelly Parker I attended the apprenticeship design course taught by Michael and Kelly at the

Woodworking Business: The Income Rollercoaster

Woodworking Business:  The Income Rollercoaster by Mark Stephenson, www.ownermarketingschool.com Custom furniture businesses, many woodworking shops, and lots of other project-based small businesses fail for a similar reason — Though it may

Design Techniques that Pack a Punch [Infographic]

Design Techniques that Pack a Punch [Infographic] When we first start learning to do a craft  such as woodworking, carving, woodturning it is generally a three step process - we

All About Those Burls

WHERE DO BURLS COME FROM? Trees are just like people in that there are many parts to them as well as many things that can impact their appearance – some

The Art & Zen of Kumiko

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The Art & Zen of Kumiko by Matt Kenney “KUMIKO:   Refined lattice-work derived  finely planed wood, inter-locked in intricate patterns with a high degree of intricacy unique to Japan.” I

Furniture Design Styles | Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Style for Furniture Makers Mid Century Modern architecture is popular, but midcentury modern furniture is everywhere. You’ve definitely seen the style, and may even own a furniture