Woodworking Business:  The Income Rollercoaster by Mark Stephenson, www.ownermarketingschool.com Custom furniture businesses, many woodworking shops, and lots of other project-based small businesses fail for a similar reason — Though it may not be the only one.  The insidious thing about this reason is that it makes for a slow death. Especially
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WHERE DO BURLS COME FROM? Trees are just like people in that there are many parts to them as well as many things that can impact their appearance – some genetics, some environmental, some cause by age and disease.  Woodworkers and turners have a particular interest in those parts that are

The Art & Zen of Kumiko by Matt Kenney “KUMIKO:   Refined lattice-work derived  finely planed wood, inter-locked in intricate patterns with a high degree of intricacy unique to Japan.” I have made many kumiko panels, and used it as a decorative element in boxes. I love the repetitive patterns ofContinue Reading