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I recently took a course in Linocut printing. I was a student again, and oh boy…..out of the class of 15, I was probably 15th or, generously, 14th…it was hard and humbling to be the newbie, but I learnt so much.  Here are some notes I made about being inContinue Reading

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Jeremy has been a student at the School of Woodwork for a while and has gone through some early learning steps many new woodworkers face.  We asked him to share his journey thus far. Humble beginnings. I took the Introduction to Woodworking course at the Florida School of Woodwork andContinue Reading

Choosing Woodworking Tools Table Saw vs. Band Saw Woodworking tools are what I’ve spent my life using. Woodworking and teaching woodworking classes has been my life’s work, and I’ve always worked under the assumption that every woodworking shop should have a table saw. But lately, I’ve been rethinking that strategy.Continue Reading

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How to Design Furniture (part 1) Learn the Basic of Furniture Design with Kelly Parker In this 2-part article we’ll explore how to design furniture from concept through to a completed prototype using a real-life *commission as an example. This first post describes the processes of sketching and modeling.  The secondContinue Reading

An Evening with Micheal Fortune & Kelly Parker The Florida School of Woodwork offers many opportunities to meet and talk with well-respected, extremely talented woodworkers. Michael Fortune and Kelly Parker recently taught a cabinetmaking class at the school. One evening, local woodworkers had the opportunity to hear a presentation byContinue Reading