All About Those Burls

WHERE DO BURLS COME FROM? Trees are just like people in that there are many parts to them as well as many things that can impact their appearance – some

Veneer – The Background Basics

Introduction to Veneer What is Wood Veneer? Wood veneer is a thin layer of wood that is usually applied over another material called a substrate. Woodworkers use these thin sheets

Five Furniture Makers and Woodturners You Should Know

Five Makers You Should Know Springboks, Feathers, Leaves, Tides & Chemistry   Fine craft is where form and function meet and these five makers are stellar examples of craft alchemy.

Ireland – Fairy Trees and Ancient Lands

Ireland – Fairy Trees and Ancient Lands Ireland’s trees and forests carry with them stories of old and their presence and persona are found through folklore, life and myth, so

How to Make a Federal Period Fan Inlay Using Veneers

How To Make a Federal Period Oval Fan Inlay Using Veneers By Joe Kunzman Federal Period furniture pieces are often adorned with a paterae ( click here to see wikipedia

The Art & Zen of Kumiko

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The Art & Zen of Kumiko by Matt Kenney “KUMIKO:   Refined lattice-work derived  finely planed wood, inter-locked in intricate patterns with a high degree of intricacy unique to Japan.” I

How to Make A Raised Panel Door

How to Make A Raised Frame and Panel Door Cabinets usually need a door or two and deciding on the style of the door can be make or break the

Ebonizing Wood with the Witches Brew

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Using the Witches Brew to Ebonize Wood In a recent class at the Florida School of Woodwork, we showed students how to ebonize wood.  Ebonizing is different from dying wood

Furniture Design Styles | Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Style for Furniture Makers Mid Century Modern architecture is popular, but midcentury modern furniture is everywhere. You’ve definitely seen the style, and may even own a furniture

Introduction to Woodturning Tools and How to Use Them

Introduction toWoodturning Tools | How to Use Them There are many different kinds of woodturning tools and for the new turner it can be confusing so we have put together

Wood Carving Chisels and Gouges | How Gouges are Numbered

Wood Carving Chisels Chisels and Gouges | Their Parts and How Gouges are Numbered Chisels are an essential tool for woodworkers – this is how they work! I’ve recently become interested

How to Design Furniture Part 2

How to Design Furniture  From Design Sketch to Furniture Prototype How to design furniture part one  we learnt how to sketch, model and generate a large volume of ideas.  In

How to Design Furniture  Part 1

How to Design Furniture (part 1) Learn the Basic of Furniture Design with Kelly Parker In this 2-part article we’ll explore how to design furniture from concept through to a completed

2018 Class Schedule & Guest Instructors

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[Tampa, FL] Today, the Florida School of Woodwork announces their class schedule and guest instructors for 2018. The school was officially established in May of 2017 since being founded as