Handworks registration website is now open! It will the first time that we have been and are stoked to be an exhibitor,  we’ll also get to meet some of the most amazing makers you can find!  We can’t wait to meet Bad Axe Tools  because we think they might be Vikings,

Woodworking Business:  The Income Rollercoaster by Mark Stephenson, www.ownermarketingschool.com Custom furniture businesses, many woodworking shops, and lots of other project-based small businesses fail for a similar reason — Though it may not be the only one.  The insidious thing about this reason is that it makes for a slow death. Especially
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Ireland - Fairy Trees and Ancient Lands Ireland's trees and forests carry with them stories of old and their presence and persona are found through folklore, life and myth. It is lovely to wander around Ireland and see the many broadleaf species of the Emerald Isle in all their loveliness.
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Using the Witches Brew to Ebonize Wood In a recent class at the Florida School of Woodwork, we showed students how to ebonize wood.  Ebonizing is different from dying wood in that the process causes a chemical reaction with the tannins in the wood. While you could say that both
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Introduction to woodturning Tools | How to Use Them There are many different kinds of woodturning tools and for the new turner it can be confusing so we have put together a quick reference guide to turning tools, an explanation of what they do,  if you’re unclear about what woodturning
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How to Design Furniture  From Design Sketch to Furniture Prototype How to design furniture part one  we learnt how to sketch, model and generate a large volume of ideas.  In this part, see how to take one of those ideas, refine it and ultimately build beautiful pieces. Once you have

Carpentry School or Woodworking Classes What’s right for You? Carpentry School or Woodworking Classes We get this question at the Florida School of Woodwork occasionally. People that are interested in changing careers or starting a small side business and from people that genuinely just don’t know the difference between carpentryContinue Reading

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Best Gifts for Woodworkers | Beginning Woodworker Gift Ideas What’s the best gift to give the woodworker in YOUR life? Woodworkers are a special breed. And if you’re looking for a gift or present for one in your house they probably fall into one of 3 categories: Wannabee Woodworkers –

Choosing Woodworking Tools Table Saw vs. Band Saw Woodworking tools are what I’ve spent my life using. Woodworking and teaching woodworking classes has been my life’s work, and I’ve always worked under the assumption that every woodworking shop should have a table saw. But lately, I’ve been rethinking that strategy.Continue Reading

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How to Design Furniture (part 1) Learn the Basic of Furniture Design with Kelly Parker In this 2-part article we’ll explore how to design furniture from concept through to a completed prototype using a real-life *commission as an example. This first post describes the processes of sketching and modeling.  The secondContinue Reading

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An Evening with Micheal Fortune & Kelly Parker The Florida School of Woodwork offers many opportunities to meet and talk with well-respected, extremely talented woodworkers. Michael Fortune and Kelly Parker recently taught a cabinetmaking class at the school. One evening, local woodworkers had the opportunity to hear a presentation byContinue Reading

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One of the pleasures I get as an instructor at the Florida School of Woodwork is seeing the excitement on the students’ faces as they explore their creativity and learn new skills. When they craft a perfectly fitting joint after a little practice and guidance, the satisfaction always brings a