All About Those Burls

WHERE DO BURLS COME FROM? Trees are just like people in that there are many parts to them as well as many things that can impact their appearance – some

Five Furniture Makers and Woodturners You Should Know

Five Furniture Makers You Should Know Springboks, Feathers, Leaves, Tides & Chemistry   Fine craft is where form and function meet and these five furniture makers are stellar examples of

Introduction to Woodturning Tools and How to Use Them

Introduction toWoodturning Tools | How to Use Them There are many different kinds of woodturning tools and for the new turner it can be confusing so we have put together

Turning is the Perfect Woodworking Hobby [for the Suburbs]

  18.07.2018   Mark Stephenson   Turning   No comments

Turning is the Perfect Woodworking Hobby [for the Suburbs] And just maybe for you, no matter where you live!   Visiting the Florida School of Woodwork has to give you

Learn About The Lathe | Types of Lathes and the Turning Tools

Types of Lathes and Wood Turning Tools I remember my father showing me how to turn wood on the lathe and other wood turning tools. He showed me the basics of