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Ireland - Fairy Trees and Ancient Lands Ireland's trees and forests carry with them stories of old and their presence and persona are found through folklore, life and myth. It is lovely to wander around Ireland and see the many broadleaf species of the Emerald Isle in all their loveliness.
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How to Design Furniture  From Design Sketch to Furniture Prototype How to design furniture part one  we learnt how to sketch, model and generate a large volume of ideas.  In this part, see how to take one of those ideas, refine it and ultimately build beautiful pieces. Once you have
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How to Design Furniture (part 1) Learn the Basic of Furniture Design with Kelly Parker In this 2-part article we’ll explore how to design furniture from concept through to a completed prototype using a real-life *commission as an example. This first post describes the processes of sketching and modeling.  The secondContinue Reading