Cantilever Coffee Table | Taeho Kwon

Cantilevered Table Although this class will teach the making of a sitting bench/coffee table, many other aspects of woodworking will also be focused on. You will learn how to make furniture that will last not only a lifetime but hundreds of years, generation to generation, without any extra time orContinue Reading

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Making Curved Furniture | Michael Fortune.

In this week-long class, you'll not only get to build this beautiful piece but also get to study with one of the greats - Michael Fortune, considered one of the Modern Masters. The table we will be making is one small part of a design series I began in theContinue Reading

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Intro To Bench Making | David Douyard

Bench Making Windsor Chair Techniques A great toes in the water class.  An early introduction to the art of making chairs, except in this case a nice entryway bench. You will learn about classic Windsor chair-building techniques, including laying out compound angles, drilling and reaming compound angles, and stretcher construction. Continue Reading

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