Introduction to Case Making | Owain Harris

Introduction to Case Making  A beginner's casework class A foundation woodworking class that will teach you how to design and build case pieces. This course is perfect for beginners with some power tool experience or intermediates who want to hone their skills. We have everything you need at the workshop–alongContinue Reading

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Tea Box | Mike Pekovich

Build Your Box Making Skills with Mike Pekovich Are you looking to spice up your work in a novel way? Then you need to sharpen your chisels and try your hand at Kumiko melded with Box Making. Kumiko is a Japanese latticework technique that is traditionally found on shoji screensContinue Reading

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Tansu Wall Cabinet | Mike Pekovich

Tansu Wall Cabinet with Mike Pekovich Make a beautiful wall cabinet in this six-day class Dovetails and through-tenons provide plenty of strength and offer visual interest, and Mike has some great tips for cutting accurate, stress-free joinery. The frame-and-panel door gives the cabinet its personality and offers some solid cabinet-making lessons. You’llContinue Reading

Enroll $1,540.00

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