Hanging Tool Cabinet

Handtools are precious tools of our trade, and having a place to get them organized and safe is important. Based on tool cabinets originating around the turn of the 20th century, this project build class is a great fit for woodworkers who believe that power and hand tools can liveContinue Reading

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Intro To Handtools & Joinery

Intro to Handtool & Joinery  Essential skills for all woodworkers There is nothing more valuable than being able to select and cut joints with skill and ease. This class taught by Andrew Gibson will elevate your joinery skillset regardless of your skill level. You will learn to select joints, lay themContinue Reading

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Jigs For the Tablesaw & Router

Jigs are the key to making safe and accurate cuts at the tablesaw and router table. In this week-long class, we will design and build six different jigs and discuss the theory and use of each. While most know that having a variety of jigs available is important, many struggleContinue Reading

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