Philip Morely

Philip Morley is a ​custom furniture maker located near Austin, Texas. His studio is a one-man shop in which he designs and builds one-of-a-kind furniture for clients across the United States. His studio is also his home where he resides with his wife and four wonderful children. Philip was originally trained at age 16 in carpentry and joinery under the City Guilds of London, England. He had the opportunity to work on everything from marine boat veneer to refurbishing historic buildings in London, including a project at Covington Gardens. His interest turned to furniture while working alongside a Rhode Island School of Design graduate. Philip quickly fell in love with the precision and craftsmanship required in furniture making and the unique challenge that every piece brought. Every project transformed a piece of wood into functional yet aesthetically inspirational pieces of art. Philip was able to apply his knowledge of traditional carpentry and joinery to the art of furniture making, and thus, the journey to starting Philip Morley Furniture Company had begun.

After moving to the United States in 2003, Philip continued exploring furniture design under Richard Chillcott in Apollo Beach, Florida. Working with the Chillcott Group opened his eyes to new design possibilities. After the birth of their first son, the Morley family moved to Texas where he served as an apprentice to master craftsman Michael Colca for six years. Under Michael, Philip truly honed his skills in furniture construction. As well, he was introduced to Austin Community College. Philip has been working as an adjunct professor in the Building Construction Technology Department teaching Advanced Woodworking, Cabinet I, and Jigs and Joints. Through teaching, he has been able to share his passion for his craft with others.

Philip Morley’s mission is to build unique modern pieces of functional art while maintaining the time-honored integrity of traditional craftsmanship.

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