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Gift Certificates – Give an Experience

Do you remember the present you got for Christmas or your birthday 3 years ago? 5 years?  How about what you GAVE to someone you love?

This year give them something they will remember forever – An experience they’ll enjoy for days and remember for lifetime.

Give them a lifelong hobby of turning a bowl, carving or furniture making. Help them find the joy of doing something with their hands. Making something. Crafting something.

You can give your loved ones this experience at the Florida School of Woodwork in Tampa this year.

You don’t even have to choose the experience for them – just an amount. Then they can apply that to any of our woodworking, turning, carving or even Sunday Funday classes.

The gift certificate can be mailed to you or directly to your woodworker and comes in a small box,  with a lovely card, a few wood chips, and a schedule of classes for the coming year.

If your Experiencer is ALREADY into woodworking, even better!  You can add a 6″ Starrett Square – one of the most treasured tools of a woodworker.

If you see a class you KNOW they’d love and want to spread out the payments so you can get it for them you CAN us our flex pay system.  If you are interested in this please give us a call at 813 233 3490.


Become a Better Woodworker!

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