Workshop Scholarships

Scholarships encourage the participation of talented individuals who could not otherwise afford to attend our courses.


In 2018 we will awarding  “The Makers Hand” . The goal of the scholarship is to encourage the next generation of woodworkers and support them in their learning.  Applicants must be between 16yrs and 25yrs old, they must have desire to engage in craft and a creative mind.

This scholarship generally cover the full cost of tuition, but successful applicants must confirm their participation by paying the standard $45 registration fee and remain responsible for the costs of their own travel, lodging, meals, materials, and any supply fees.

To apply, please submit the following by April 1, 2018.

  1. A letter explaining your qualifications, your financial need, and the benefit you hope to get from the course
  2. Your resumé
  3. A list of up to three workshops you would like to attend, in order of preference
  4. Up to five images of any woodworking or artwork you have done previously
  5. The names and telephone numbers of three references

E-mail applications to scholarships@schoolofwoodworkcom

Notifications will be sent by April 15.


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