Sunday Funday | Make an Artisanal Chopping Board

  16.12.2018   Kate Swann     No comments

A fun day, one day class where you will make an artisanal chopping board.

Beginning Woodworking – Weekend Class

  1.12.2018   Kate Swann     No comments

A hands on, fast paced introduction to woodworking techniques and power tools.

Introduction to Woodturning | PM class

  22.10.2018   Kate Swann     No comments

This class is an introduction to the art of woodturning.

Evening Class – Hand Plane Restoration

  12.07.2018   Kate Swann     No comments

An evening class where you will learn to sharpen chisels & hand planes so they are razor sharp.

Hand Planes – Why Do you Need Them?

Why Do You Need Handplanes? Learn about the parts of a hand plane and why you need them in your workshop Why do you need hand planes?  Well let me