• (Optional) Jack plane setup for smoothing. I like my #5 1/2 for this project. But a #4 will work too for most tasks.   (School has HNT Gordon Smoothing planes at each workbench)
    (Optional) Crosscut carcase backsaw (School as Veritas saw at each workbench)
  • (Optional) The plane you like to use with a shooting board. For me, that’s my #7 because of the heft (School has 6 longer planes for community use)
  • (Optional) Small hammer . (School has a variety of hammers for community use)
  • (Optional) Lump hammer or mallet for driving chisels (School has a variety of hammers for community use)
    Shooting board
  • Low angle block plane.
  • 3/16″ bradpoint drill
  • Chunk of paraffin for lubricating screws and plane soles
  • 7/64″ Vix bit.
  • 3/16″ twist drill
  • 9/64″ twist drill
  • Flat blade screwdriver, #8 size. I swear by the gunsmith drivers made by Grace. They are inexpensive and wonderful with their machined tips. Buy some, you won’t regret it.
  • Flat blade screwdriver. Grace #4 (see above)
  • Marking knife (School has at each Student workbench, bring your own if perfered)
  • Marking gauge (School has at each Student workbench, bring your own if perfered)
  • 12″ combination square,
  • (Optional) 6″  combination square ((School has at each Student workbench, bring your own if preferred)
  • Panel saw or hand saw, if you have it, filed crosscut. You can also use your carcase saw, but the panel saw will be quicker.
  • Mechanical pencil, .5mm lead
  • 1 1/2″ chisel.
  • Router plane with wide (1/2″ or so) straight and/or spear point cutter.
  • Rip handsaw if you have one
  • Blunt chisel or Benchcrafted Paring Skraper (Google “Bill Carter Blunt Chisel”) Hate to sell you something, but our Paring Skraper is pretty much Bill’s tool. You can make your own out of a 1/2″ chisel in about 5 minutes. Awesome tool for scraping glue out of corners. I use both in my shop.
  • Your sharpening setup. I would recommend you bring freshly sharpened tools to the class, ready to work. Chances are you may not need to sharpen the whole weekend, but bring your stones anyway.  (School has a variety of stones and sharpening mechanisms, bring your own if prefered)
If you are planning on shipping your tools in advance to the School please address as follows:
c/o Kate Swann
1609 N. Franklin St.
Tampa FL 33602
They will be stored in the adminstration office and may be collected with proof of id