Chisels (A full set is preferable, but at a minimum 1”, ½”, ¼”. Must be sharp.) (School has a Set of Narex metric at each student station

Rip and Crosscut Saw (Japanese Ryoba is preferable but western back saws will work just fine)

Mallet or Hammer (Something to knock your chisels with) (the School has these at each student station)

Sharpening Equipment (The school has stones but I encourage folks to bring their own, including a lapping plate if owned)

Smoothing Plane (Western Plane or Kanna)

6” Combination Square (Or Small Sashigane) (The School has 6″ combos at each student station)

Flat Ruler or Square (Duplicative if using Sashigane)

Small Spray Bottle

Fine Pencil or 0.1 mm Pen