These tools we will be using. If you can bring your own set, that is great. If not, the instructor and School can provide you with tools.
  • Japanese Hand Plane (comes with Japanese plane weekend class)
  • Saw for med-fine work with a fresh sharp blade.  A replaceable blade Japanese Ryoba saw (rip and crosscut in one) in the 240mm size range is a good option. (School has 210mm Ryoba)
  • A set of chisels including at least a 1/2” and something around 1”.
  • Hammer or mallet for striking the chisel (school has both)
  • Sashigane (Japanese carpenter’s square). Any flat square will work
  • Combination square (school can provide)
  • A trusted straight edge ~12″(School can provide)
  • Your favourite layout pencil (mine is a .5mm mechanical), and be sure to bring your glasses if you need them!

Suggested Tool Resources:

Books & Reference Materials

Optional Book Recommendations (not required for the class)