Heart Work, Sculpture & Carving | Michael Cullen

Heart Work, Sculpture & Carving Join renowned furniture maker and artist Michael Cullen for an action-packed week of experimenting and making as you explore the idea of incorporating the heart symbol into your work. Using Multi-Media to Create a Narrative - The workshop focuses on using mixed media to produce story-drivenContinue Reading

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Intro to Carving with Michael Cullen | Weekend

Best techniques for the 12/6 veiner and the petite 9/3 gouge Carve Beautiful Leaves, Beads & Feathers! Spend the weekend with renowned furniture maker and artist - Michael Cullen as he shares what his two favourite carving gouges, the 12/6 veiner and the petite 9/3, can do. You will haveContinue Reading

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Woodland Carving | Giles Newman

Hand Carve Nature-Inspired Art Spoons & Jewelry Take your carving and whittling skills to another level and learn to use the natural characteristics of wood to guide the creation of unique, nature-inspired art spoons and jewelry entirely by knife. In this class, Giles will instruct advanced knife carving techniques, 3DContinue Reading

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Power Carving & Pyrography | Dixie Biggs

Power Carving and Pyrography with Dixie Biggs Explore power relief carving and pyrography techniques commonly used by woodturners, furniture makers, and other wood artists to expand the visual impact of your pieces.  Dixie will demonstrate embellishment techniques with a micro-motor rotary power carver, wood burning with a pyrography pen toContinue Reading

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Intro To Carving | Mary May

Intro To Carving with Mary May No better way to spend a week than to put a woodcarving gouge in your hand, create something beautiful - and have fun! Mary May, a well-known professional woodcarver and instructor from South Carolina, will walk you through the carving process using a varietyContinue Reading

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